NAIS Student Travel Grant

Native American and Indigenous Studies (NAIS) Research, Travel, and Creative Works Grant

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Grant Summary
FSU’s Native American and Indigenous Studies Center strives to support student research that focuses on and engages with Native American and Indigenous communities across the globe. Towards that end, this grant fund provides students with reimbursable funding to assist in research, travel, and creative works that are focused on creating and/or developing knowledge with Native and Indigenous partners and/or to support travel related to disseminating knowledge at conferences, meetings, and/or workshops. Creative works and activities associated with Indigenous nations are also encouraged.

Funder Summary
The Native American and Indigenous Studies Center at Florida State University provides a physical and conceptual hub for community members who are committed to Native American and Indigenous research and artistic practice. The Center promotes and coordinates consultations with tribal nations and community leaders, educational efforts inside and outside of the classroom, and collaborative scholarship more broadly.

Application Timeline and Important Dates
            Spring – February 1st

'Proposal Deadline Award Amounts
Up to $1500 is available for graduate students and $750 for undergraduate students working on honor’s thesis/projects and who are conducting or sharing research on and/or with Native American and Indigenous Communities.

Students must be enrolled at Florida State University and they must be involved in research focused on topics associated with or in collaboration with Native American and Indigenous communities. Previous awardees are eligible to apply but recipients can receive no more than one award per each academic year.

Any FSU student is eligible to apply as long as they have demonstrated their research is connected to NAIS. Students who are active in participating in NAIS events are particularly encouraged to apply.

Required Documents (Through Qualtrics link)
Complete the application form online by the due date. Submit complete project documents by the due date.
Project documents include:
A) Public Project Abstract (500 characters),
B) Project Description (2500 characters), including project goals, project format, long-term plan, and benefit to society,
C) a resume or CV, and
D) Amount Requested (up to $1500), including a budget justification.

Pre-Award and Post-Award Responsibilities
Students will submit their receipts and receive travel permissions from their own department. Recipients will present their work at a NAIS Center supported event on campus (brown bag lunch, symposium, conference, etc.) and acknowledge the support of the Center in related publications.

This fund provides support for the creation and dissemination of knowledge and/or creative works. As such, field work, language programs, conferences, workshops, trainings, creative activities, etc., are appropriate under expenditures.
Funds are not allowable for stipends, synthesis or writing, and/or publication subventions. Any publications or presentations must acknowledge the contribution made by NAIS @ FSU.

Allowable - Research (archives, fieldwork, language schools, workshops, museum visits) - Presentations (conferences, meetings, workshops) - Outreach (to tribal nations or Indigenous groups) - Travel (for research, outreach, fieldwork) - Creative activities (for and/or with Native American and Indigenous communities)

Non-Allowable: Food, entertainment, or beverages - Equipment - Indirect - Expenses prior to award dates

For more information contact Dr. Andrew Frank <> or Dr. Jayur Mehta <>.